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We’re Vilma and Richard. A year ago we discovered Raypath – a company that makes cleaning wipes that can clean all your home without any chemicals – just water – and our lives have changed.

We fell in love with the product so much that we decided to dedicate all our time educating people about Raypath and help them discover a healthier and more pleasant cleaning too. In order to do that, we are building a network of distributors and business partners across Europe.

If you want to earn extra money or build a long term business, you’re invited join us! 🙂

How Can Raypath Help You?

Whether you’re looking to earn an extra few hundred euros or build a long term business, we can show you how to do it.

Earn extra cash quickly

Receive between 35% and 55% commission in cash instantly.

Create monthly passive income

Invite others to your team and start receiving commission from their sales right away.

Build a long term business

Raypath network marketing business model allows you to grow a life-long business that pays passive income every month.

About Raypath

Raypath is a 28 year old Polish company producing and selling a range of home cleaning wipes that clean only with water. No chemicals. The wipes last ten years and more – not months or even weeks like regular wipes. Home cleaning products are impregnated with nanosilver that is widely used in medicine as a disinfectant. Every wipe not only cleans but also kills germs, bacteria and viruses.

Raypath distributes their products using a network marketing business model. Their network consists of distributors (regular people like us). Everyone can become a distributor and sell products to individual people, businesses or build their own network of distributors. More about this below.

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Cleaning wipes
from the future

  • No chemicals

    The wipes clean using only water.
  • 10 years

    That is how long the wipes will serve you.
  • Antibacterial

    The wipes are impregnated with nanosilver that kills germs, bacteria and viruses.
  • No sweat

    No pressing, no scrubbing. Only gentle moves.

Why customers choose Raypath products


Cleaning is faster and physically easier. Often our wipes remove stains much more effectively than regular cleaning products.


Being able to clean all home without a drop of chemicals is probably the biggest value of these products. No breathing, touching or swallowing of chemicals. You can even wash dishes only with water (even grease).


Raypath wipes serve 10 years and more. After that, you can return your used wipes and get new ones for half the price. So no more plastic bottles, sponges, wipes, gloves and chemicals going to landfills.


All Raypath wipes are impregnated with nanosilver. It’s commonly used in medicine as a disinfectant that kills germs, bacteria, viruses (including coronavirus), mold etc.

Saves water

Due to the way the fibre is made, you can clean a large area with just one rinse.

Saves money

An average European household spends between 30 and 50 euros per month on cleaning products: chemicals, wipes, sponges, rubber gloves etc. When you choose Raypath, your investment will pay off in one or two years. After that you will clean for free for the next 8 years or more.

How the wipes work

The secret behind the effectiveness is in the actual fibre. It’s made of tiny tube-shaped fibres structured like a human hair.

Upon contact with water, the fibres turn dirt into an emulsion that is sucked in to those tube-shaped fibres and locked inside until it’s rinsed out. This way the dirt is absorbed and not smeared around the cleaning area (the effect that occurs with regular wipes). For instance, a universal Raypath white glove can clean up to 100 sq. meters of surface with just one rinse.

Raypath has patented this technology and currently there is no other wipe in the market that can compete with Raypath.

How you can earn money

Anyone can work with Raypath. The company has a very generous network marketing plan that pays its distributors more than most other network marketing companies. You can earn money from product sales, passive income from the sales of your own team, helping other members in the network and also from bonuses.

Quick cash from product sales

Each new distributor starts out with a 35% commission that can never drop down below 35%. Depending on the performance of a distributor and their team, the commission can go up to 55% (many active distributors reach 55% in several months). You get your commission instantly as you sell products.

Build a source of passive income

Building your own network of distributors who build their own networks creates the biggest opportunity to build a source of passive income that the company has to offer. The system is built in a way that focuses on providing equal opportunities for growth and expansion for all the members in the network. Regardless of where you are in the network, how long you are in it, who's your sponsor etc - each member has the same opportunities as everyone else in the network.

Get paid for helping other members

The company pays its members a fixed bonus for helping other members in the network to bring people to Raypath. For example, if you help others in the network (not necessarily in your own team) to make a business presentation to their prospects, you receive a 380 euro bonus for every three people that join Raypath in one month. If you yourself bring people to Raypath, you get 760 euros for every three people that join in one month.

Enjoy hefty bosuses

Raypath is generous to their active distributors. Every distributor is entitled to a one-time bonus that is 5,000 euros for keeping a certain level of monthly turnover for a number of months (more about that in a personal business presentation). The company also gifts holidays to destinations around the globe, compensation for a car lease up to 700 euros monthly and other bonuses. Often enough distributors receive these bonuses within the first year in business.

Why work with Raypath

A product that sells itself

We say that even a mute person can sell these wipes. Not much talking and convincing is needed when you show customers how Raypath products work.

High commission

You start off with a 35 percent commission. This is the least you’ll receive. Ever. If you work actively, you’ll quickly climb to 55 percent. 

Unique passive income model

A fair system with equal growth opportunities for everyone, regardless of where one is within the network. If you build an active team of distributors, you will enjoy passive income every month.

Untapped market

Raypath products are practically unknown outside of Poland and Lithuania. This makes it a big advantage if you live in any other country in Europe. You can become a product ambassador and introduce Raypath to your country.

Perfect timing

The company wants to expand outside of Poland and Lithuania. It creates a great opportunity to become one of the first ones to bring Raypath to your country and create a strong network.

No commitment

You can become a Raypath distributor in one day and start building your business. There is no commitment, no required minimum monthly purchases, no reporting – you have total freedom to choose when and how you want to work.

How to get started

Getting started with Raypath is very easy. You purchase one of the starter sets, receive your ID instantly and you’re in the business.

Buy a starter Set

Choose one of the Raypath starter sets that you can use yourself or resell.

Receive your id

Receive your partner ID the same day and you’re officially in the business.

start earning money

You can begin to sell products and invite others to Raypath right away.

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